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Manuscript Coaching

I work with GrubStreet, the nation’s leading independent creative writing center, as a manuscript coach. I love character- and voice-driven narratives, off-beat stories, and dark humor. I’m particularly interested in work that explores transnational, cross-cultural, working class, and feminist themes. Currently, I consult on:

  • Short Stories
  • Flash Fiction
  • Novels
  • Personal Essays
  • Agent Query Letters
  • Submitting to literary magazines, residencies, and conferences


Editing Services

As an editor, I work largely on book-length projects, readying them for publication or for submission to agents. Most recently, I have worked on a collection of short stories set in Miami and Jamaica, a historical novel centering on the Civil War, a memoir exploring racial identity, and an illustrated inspiration guide for adults. I offer the following services:

  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Intensive Line-Editing
  • Ghost Writing
  • Book Research Assistance


Cultural & Sensitivity Reading Services

As a cultural and sensitivity reader, I help authors produce work that is both authentic to and respectful of represented cultures. I have particular expertise in:

  • British culture
  • Issues of class
  • Representations of women
  • Music and musicianship (classical, jazz, blues, rock, metal, punk)

Social Media & Book Promotion

As a literary marketing professional, I provide guidance and support to debut authors preparing for their book launch.

Services include:

  • Social media coaching & support
  • Web copy & site maintenance
  • Consultation on site design

I also offer book publicity support, including:

  • Compiling and contacting press lists
  • Placing book reviews and interviews
  • Organizing author appearances
  • Curating venues for blog tours

Whatever you need to kickstart your campaign, I want to hear from you.


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