typewriter-1062697_960_720“When it came time to reach out to agents about my book, I felt confident in my project, but had only a vague idea about what my query letter should look like. After just a few exchanges, Colwill got me up to speed on the structure of a query letter and helped me flesh out what makes my project stand out. When I finally sent out the query we had worked on together, I received two requests for the full manuscript within two hours, and received my first offer of representation within a week. I wouldn’t have gotten an offer if the project wasn’t strong, but I wouldn’t have gotten these agents’ attention without the query Colwill helped me write.”

Jonathan Escoffery, writer & instructor.

“Colwill’s line- and copy-editing of my articles was excellent. She’s really helpful in bringing to the front what I was trying to say while strengthening my overall presentation.”

Milo Todd, freelance writer.