“When it came time to reach out to agents about my book, I felt confident in my project, but had only a vague idea about what my query letter should look like. After just a few exchanges, Sarah got me up to speed on the structure of a query letter and helped me flesh out what makes my project stand out. When I finally sent out the query we had worked on together, I received two requests for the full manuscript within two hours, and received my first offer of representation within a week. I wouldn’t have gotten an offer if the project wasn’t strong, but I wouldn’t have gotten these agents’ attention without the query Sarah helped me write.”

Jonathan Escoffery, writer & instructor.

“Sarah’s line- and copy-editing of my articles was excellent. She’s really helpful in bringing to the front what I was trying to say while strengthening my overall presentation.”

Milo Todd, freelance writer.

Published by TheyShutUsUpInProse

I am a creative writer, student of literature, reviewer, and blogger. A native of Yorkshire, England, I’m now loving the city life in Boston. This blog is devoted to writing about writing, and about creativity in general, especially music, crafting, and DIY fashion. I am always looking for new writing opportunities — reviews, copy editing, promotional material, columns, and anything else you might need help with, so get in touch! Currently, I am finishing up a novel about Jeremy Lagoire, a 27-year-old virgin from New Orleans who lives with his phony spiritualist mother, as well as working on short stories, flash fiction, and the occasional poetry. My creative work has appeared in Poetry and Audience and The Medulla Review. My reviews have featured in The Manhattan Mercury, No-TiTLE magazine, and Leeds Music Scene. I have also written articles for The Sheffield Star.

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