Writer, copyeditor, and literary marketing professional, I consult on short stories, flash fiction, the novel, and the personal essay, and work with authors to craft tailored marketing and social media strategies. Click here to find out more about my consulting services. My creative work appears in Solstice literary magazine, The Conium Review, and elsewhere. I’m the Writer-in-Residence at Wellspring House and Editor at GrubWrites, and Fiction Editor at Pangyrus magazine. I am represented by Robert Guinsler at Sterling Lord Literistic.

My first novel, Before We Tear Our Selves Apart follows a New Orleanian family who pose as spirit mediums and, in an attempt to save their Katrina-damaged home, agree to star in a reality TV show. Mother and son Jeremy and Maria—and TV producer Craig—grapple with their beliefs about the paranormal, their grasp on reality ever slipping as they are forced to confront decades of personal demons. The novel explores what happens when our foundational narrative—that which forms the basis of our reality—is destabilized, and we have to recalibrate what we believe to be true in order to find meaning. As an immigrant newly experiencing American culture, and born of a nation entrenched in explicit class structures, I’m fascinated by New Orleans as a site where the paradoxical dichotomy between the class-transcending promise of the American Dream and the realities of systemic oppression seems uniquely present in the juxtaposition of hedonistic Bourbon Street and the flood-ravaged Ninth. Influenced by such contemporary satirists as Chris Abani and Mat Johnson, whose novel Loving Day brilliantly skewers American concepts of race, this work employs humor and an outsider’s perspective to take aim at Western social structures that wither and evaporate under scrutiny, with particular attention, in our post-fact era, to the primacy of subjective reality in political discourse and the gulf between cultural mega-narratives and lived experience.

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